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We are go for the 2024 season

Der crew embers, we are very happy to say that regarding a sufficient amount of applicants for the trip, we confirm that we will make the forecasted trip up to Iceland (and if possible a quick look over the Eastern coast of Greenland).

At the moment, the preparation of the boat for the season are going well, and some new features will be implemented on GRYNING which will make the trip more exhilaration than ever :

  • New extra winch in the cockpit,

  • Improved running rigging and blocks

  • amazing new reaching sail designed and made by INCIDENCE sailmaker in France

  • New spinnaker socks for Symetrical and Asymetrical spinnakers for easy flights

  • New liferaft, hand rails into the cabin for safe moves during storms

And many other little improvements

We will post new pictures after our pre season trials

Looking forward to sailing with you

Stéphane and Thomas

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