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What is exploring ?

Exploration is above all a state of mind; facing your responsibilities when navigating in places where you must rely on yourself, your team mates, and the tools you have with you.


The boat is a fantastic tool; she can support us, with minimum care, for an extended period of time, in one of the most remote places on the planet. Nothing much has changed since the era when Magellan and Scott were exploring places where nobody had ever been before them. You need careful planning, constant attention, and diverse skills amongst the team members.


Today, things are easier, but we can still find the spirit of these pioneers and put ourselves into a similar situation. In Greenland, in the places where we will be going, there are very few backups. There are no real surveys of the area, unreliable charts, very changeable weather, and icy conditions. We must be ready for anything, at any time. Our boat is our only refuge. Beyond her there is nothing, so we must constantly take that into consideration, whatever we are doing. Every decision we take has an impact on our capacities to evolve and stay in the wild.


It is extremely satisfying to see how long, how well, and how pleasantly we can live and do things in one of the most hostile environments on earth.


We are more than happy to share this spirit with you. The spirit of adventure.

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