2021 - 2022 Explorations

Our navigation Programme is as follows :

North Atlantic Offshore trips between Iceland and Scotland

from € 1,500 per person per week, including Kitty Fees

May 3rd - June 17th

Qualifying passage for YachtMaster Ocean included (Reykjavik - Heimæy - Oban)

Total 2000 Nm Offshore in six passages in between Iceland, Scotland, Faeroes
and back to Iceland mid June.

This is oceanic sailing, the routes are ideal for fast and fun sailing.

We support and practise all aspects of offshore sailing.


Explore the East Greenland forbidden coast from Iceland

from € 2,050 per person per week, including Kitty Fees

Autonomous coastal sailing along the Blosseville Coast, expeditions taking opon one week on the wild forbidden coast between Ammassalik Fjords and the Scoresby Sund:

  • July 15th -  August 15th 2021

  • Departing from Isafjordur and returning to western Iceland

  • up to 6 places available for 2021, program is flexible, contact us

*Final schedule and program might be adjusted upon sea ice extent

and weather conditions in the E Greenland area in July.

Atlantique Nord.jpg

Oceanic Sailing Iceland to Azores

from € 1,500 per person per week, including Kitty Fees

  • August 20th - September 10th

  • Leaving from Isafjordur and/or Reykjavik, arriving in Horta

  • 6 places available for 2021

Contact us to set up your trip


Spring and Autumn Hiking by the Sea in Iceland

From € 1,100 per person per week, including kitty fees

Coastal cruise, whale encounters and hiking
in the Hornstrandir Natural Reserve and Vestfirdir :

One week in September, October, May and June : 6 places ;


contact us to build your trip, departure and return to Isafjördur,
Westfjords, Iceland

Forbidden Coast.JPG

Further summer explorations of the East Greenlandic Coast

Base price for the whole boat € 8,300 per week, including kitty fees

Passage from NW Iceland to East Greenland and back,

on a 2 to 3 week basis, during the whole season.

In July and August 2022

up to 4 crewmembers and explorers

General Recommendations :

Gear : In Greenland, we will be in total autonomy for the whole duration of the trip, as there are no harbours or towns on the Eastern Greenlandic coast. Having your own good quality gear and clothes is an important point to fully enjoy the voyage. This includes, of course, boots, shoes, and gloves.

For sailing into the fjords, and also for trekking, modern mountain clothing is fine.

For the Iceland / Greenland passages, we can provide some oilies if needed.

In Iceland there is no need for specific sailing clothes, we are only doing short sheltered coastal sailing.

Individual Life Jackets and Personal Locating Beacons are provided for the duration of each trip.

To secure your place on board, the payment process is as follows :

1. You are kindly asked to make a bank transfer or PayPal payment of 50% of the trip contribution at least three months before the fist leg's departure date. The balance  has to be paid once on board (or even before if you prefer to) in Euros.

2. When applicable : kitty/daily fees are estimated per day ; this includes food, beverages, fuel and harbour fees.
The daily fees are adjusted at the end of each trip to match the exact expenses (if we have to consume more or less fuel, stay longer in a marina, etc…). We will refund you the excess, or ask for additional contributions.
The daily fees have to be paid in cash when boarding ; the currency depends on the area of sailing (Euros, GBP or US Dollars).

3. Refunds : We will refund the money if, for any reason, we have to cancel part or the whole of the trip.

NB : Meteorological/Ice conditions issues are not a relevant reason for giving a refund.

If you decide to cancel your trip, we will refund you the deposit up to 3 months prior to departure, 50% of it up to 2 month prior to departure.

We do not refund any travel tickets.