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Sailing on board the GRYNING with ASZUL EXPEDITIONS

Sailing with us is a different experience from other sailing you might have already done ; we love to integrate you into our team, and drive you into our adventures in order to fully live them.
You will be part of the planning of the sailing and the exploration, and you will be totally committed to life on board : from trainee to passenger, you become integral to the expeditions.

Our sailing lifestyle

We want to enjoy ourselves, in every moment, in every detail: a fantastic sailing moment, a beautiful manoeuvre, a free dive with mammals, a good meal with healthy food, a flavorful wine and an elegant boat to host all these good things.
All our trips are different, and all our explorations are specific with a theme. We strongly encourage you to take part in the preparation, and we can of course work with you to build a voyage to your own specifications.
With appropriate notice, we can organise your A la carte programme of sailing.

What you get

Stéphane and his crew are highly trained and competent professionals, with years’ worth of experience of every type of sea and on every type of boat. 

We are happy and proud to teach you our art of sailing, and share our knowledge, our little tips and our love of the life at sea.

Entering a new anchorage by night, enjoying long surfs on the big Atlantic swell, watching the stars or the Northern lights, in a quiet anchorage, sharing a smile with a family of dolphins is our universe.

We want you to love it as much as we do.

Our Universe

The GRYNING, a wonderful offshore 55 footer, 1989 built by the Finnish shipyard BALTIC YACHT, is a fast, seaworthy and comfortable racer/cruiser. Safety at sea also depends on how fast you can avoid bad weather areas.

On board, we are a team, and every crewmember is welcome to exert their skills as soon as they feel comfortable.

Stéphane, Skipper, has an extensive and intimate knowledge of the sea, above and under the surface, which he has developed for more than 30 years.

He is always happy to help you to improve your sea skills and experience. And of course, our primary goal is to ensure your safety, and share the pleasure to sail and explore together remote and unusual places.

Bienvenue à bord !!

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