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Stephane and the GRYNING

A commitment for true Sailing

and Explorations in remote areas

Sailing is Voyage, Adventure, Freedom. It is also an Art of Living, in a world of Balanced forces, Harmony and Nature. Our philosophy is that a boat is a tool, and not a goal in itself. This is why we always invite our guests to co-create our trips.

The itineraries are custom-designed to satisfy the goals of the crew. What can we offer you? Do you need to reach the big wall that has never been climbed ? Swim with whales, sneak into little coves by kayak, or dinghy ? Or simply enjoy the feeling of being part of a wonderful world. We push you to imagine and create our trips together, and then realize them onboard our boat.

Speaking of the boat, our yacht is a Baltic 55. She was built strong in Finland. She is very seaworthy and can sail quite fast. Yet she also has style and comfort: three heads; quality beds and linens; brilliant brightwork; ambient lighting; high quality cookware; and many other amenities make her delightful.

Together we will take her north to the breathtakingly beautiful and ruggedly remote coastline of East Greenland.
At all times, we will take exceptional care of the boat, because we need her to take care of us. Sailing on a well tuned boat is always satisfying.

We do not especially like marinas and harbours, even if we do appreciate regular contacts with civilisation. A few days in a lonely swinging mooring is always an exciting experience. We love sailing long distances, the boat likes it too. This gives us peace and harmony and the sense of being part of the natural world.


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Stephane GIUDICELLI, Skipper

Skills summary :

  • Ocean going and foreign port experience worldwide

  • 100,000 nautical miles logged

  • Master class 3 in Engineering, Diploma in Vessel Operations and Nuclear Energy

  • RYA Yachtmaster Offshore 2016

  • Strong leadership and team development

  • Highly effective communication skills

  • Fastidious attention to detail and safety

  • Passionate about sailing and diving


Sailing Experience :

Started sailing at the age of nine

Sailed professionally since 1993

Over 100,000nm logged internationally

Officer of The watch unrestricted and Commanding Officer,

French Navy

STCW 95 certified

Ship captains medical and Safety at sea trained

GMDSS certified for ocean going (UK, 2016)

RYA Yacht master Offshore (UK, 2016)


Other Skills :

Free Diver and Spear Hunter

Alpinism, Speleological explorations

Exploring Ski, Kayaking, Bow Hunting


Stephane Personal Profile :

Stephane is a highly self- motivated and energetic individual with two main passions – people and sailing. He is an effective communicator, with the ability to operate as both a leader and team member.

In terms of both career and sailing, Stephen has never been shy of challenges or adventure.

After leaving school, Stephane joined the French Naval Academy and by the age of 26 completed the elitist Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course, and no limits Underwater Operations.

After almost thirty years in the Navy he decided to acquire a sailboat for remote expeditions support, and pursue his explorations of world and cultures under his own command.





In October 2015 Stephane bought the Yacht GRYNING, and completed various offshore trips in Greenland and Iceland as well as in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic/Channel/North Sea.

Stephane has traveled over 100,000nm in some of the most inhospitable and demanding waters around the globe.

ID Stef montagnes brume GNL.jpg

 Charlotte Hathaway, First Mate

Skills summary:

  • 6000+ nautical miles logged

  • Professional charter boat deckhand/cook

  • RYA Coastal Skipper 2018

  • RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance 2019

  • RYA VHF radio license 2017

  • CFBS & First Aid 2019 (French STCW equivalent)

  • Single-handed sailor and team player

  • Fluent in French and English

Charlotte Personal Profile:

Charlotte started sailing at the age of 29, just before she left her career in the Scottish traditonal music industry and moved to the French West Indies. It was here she bought her first boat, and built up her sailing experience to eventually sail single-handed around the region.

She crossed the Atlantic in May 2017 with a catamaran delivery back to Europe and then went on to gain professional accreditation to become an official French seafarer and work as a deckhand/cook for local charter businesses in Martinique.

She believes strongly in the need for more female skippers in the professional sailing business and is now working towards her RYA Yachtmaster so she can join their ranks.

Aside from her love of sailing, Charlotte is passionate about sharing traditional music and folklore, having studied Gaelic and oral tradition at University before going on to work professionally in the traditional arts in Scotland.

Adventure for her is in discovering a new landscape, culture, language and cuisine. Most importantly it's in communicating with new people and learning what she can from them, giving whatever she can contribute in return.


You can enjoy her tropical sailing blog there :

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