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Ireland, Scotland and Hebrides


These trips are coastal cruises around Ireland and Scotland, in between the islands of Man, Jura, Islay, Skye and the Hebrides.

After a first week along the Irish coast, we will sail the inner or outer Hebrides up to Stornoway.

They are open to beginners.

Duration : One week.

Contribution : 1500 Euro per crewmember.

Miscellaneous / Gears : For this coastal cruise,  we will only sail during the day, we can provide you some weather proof clothes.

PLB and life jacket provided for the voyage.

We will anchor in some of the numerous Lochs and enjoy the navigation under the spring lights, accompanied by dolphins and sea birds.

We will also take time to land and explore the shores, and taste some single malts at the shore distilleries where they are carefully elaborated.

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