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Discover by sea

Explore an unknown shore from the sea, as the sailors of old did : the Vikings, the Portuguese and the polar explorers. 

On our planet, there are no truly unknown lands. However, certain areas remain only partially explored. This is because they are either un-navigable, too far from commercial or tourist routes, or simply because we’ve never thought to visit them. 


To approach an unknown shore from the sea is always a unique experience. The islands and coasts draw near slowly, emerging gradually on the horizon, the light and the decreasing distance altering their forms.

The idea is that we must harness this feeling, let loose our imaginations, and compare the perceptions and theories with the other team members. Eventually we will have to take shelter there, this is a collective process.


Whether it’s to laze on a deserted beach, to spend the night there, or to dive, hike, kayak or climb, it’s always an adventure.


The wind, sea and currents have the capacity to hold us back in our goals, however the coast has a unique personality : it is rebellious, and we appreciate it all the more when we finally reach it :


It’s to imagine the fjord from the perspective of the cliffs emerging from the mist


It’s to cast the anchor in an unsurveyed creek and take the dinghy to an untouched beach


It’s to walk, ski, and climb in the untouched nature, according to our desires


It’s to swim and move ourselves in the midst of animals untainted by human contact


Our stay on this forgotten shore is always temporary, and we never take possession of these places : a walk, a meal on land around a driftwood bonfire, a few days of study at the site, and then we leave to search for other mysteries. Endlessly.

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