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The Art of Staying at Sea

Sailing offshore opens your perception of the immensity of the Oceans. When the land vanishes behind the horizon, we realize our faith is in our own hands, our skills and our imagination. We have to merge with the elements, and learn how they move and act.

Analysing the weather forecasts, and integrating them in our surroundings is a key process ; from there we sail the boat in order to achieve our goals :

- Sail safely, with speed and comfort ;

- Understand the boat, her systems, her balance ;

- Get trained to live on board and gain our sea legs ;

All this allows us to be able to stay at sea for an extended period of time in autonomy, with enjoyment and relative comfort.



We are very good at making everyone feel 'at home' onboard. Which means, aside from our two hot meals per day ritual, you're on your own for food & snacks. If you're hungry, make a sandwich, and ask your watch partner if she/he wants one - take care of each other & don't expect the captain & crew to wait on you! 

You’ll be expected to do some or all of the following - don't know how to do it? We'll teach you! Also note that there will be equal opportunity for all crew members to get equal time on the boat helming, navigating, sail work, etc.

  • Wash dishes, keep kitchen area clean and tidy

  • Cleaning (heads included!)

  • Cooking

  • Standing Watch (alone or with a partner)

  • Recording in the logbook

  • Navigating

  • Going forward to reef / set the spinnaker / Change forehead sails

  • Hand-steering


We take safety very seriously offshore, and will spend a full day going over the safety routines and practices we put in place. We expect our crew to follow our safety rules and will not tolerate it they don't. Some of the basics include:

  • Wearing PFD's and being clipped onto the boat all the time, by default.

  • Following the 'standing orders,' or when to wake the skipper.

  • Paying attention belowdecks, where statistically you're more likely to get hurt!

  • Understanding where all thru-hulls and fire extinguishers are down below.

  • Etc. - You'll learn the rest onboard.


  • Smoking (anytime on the boat by default)

  • Drinking alcohol (during passage)

  • Drugs

  • Yelling (except to be heard above the sea/wind)

  • Complaining (If you have some concern to express, please share it to the skipper and/or the first mate)

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