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During the Arctic summer of 2021 we will sail around the North Atlantic, and then from our home port in north-west Iceland back to east Greenland, and continue to explore this wonderful off-the-beaten-track environment. 

We will focus on the Big Fjord of Kangerlussuaq and Kap Gustav Holm, and we might also sail locally in Iceland at the beginning and end of the sailing season.


Approaching the islands by sea under the fresh light of the Arctic spring and summer is a breathtaking experience.


Our goal will be to observe and photograph the wildlife from a sailboat, go hiking, kayaking and freediving in a beautifully preserved environment.


We pride ourselves in organising human-level explorations by boat along unusual sailing routes;


Join us and start dreaming!


Boats are resting for the winter

October 01, 2020

The boat will spend her third winter in Iceland, in the charming little port of Isafjorður, in the north-west of the island. As well as the fact that it is Iceland’s most protected port, it is also the ideal departure point for exploring the East Coast of Greenland, our destination for July and August. The last winter has been particularily harsh, but the summer has seen many european boats sailing towards the Westfjords.

We will keep you posted about the situation here all along the winter, on our Facebook page.

Keep Safe

The trips to and from Iceland will very likely not been impacted by the virus

September 01, 2020

The Coronavirus has spread very slowly in Iceland, a country where (except in Reykjavik) people live in a sparse environment, and where it is easy to keep people away the one from the others.

This is also a country with a high standard of living, and good and modern health system, competent medical teams ; and the population is very disciplined and serious regarding the safety measures to be taken.

Icelanders take the threat very seriously all around the country. They are drastically enforcing antiseptic and distance measures. They also consider tourists will not be in contact with fragile people in Iceland, so they have no intention to restrict tourism, which is the most important part of the economy, with the bigger annual wave starting in may.

Keep you safe

East Coast of Greenland - Blosseville Coast

Kangerdlussuaq and Tasiilap Karra Explorations

July 19, 2021

For the summer of 2021 we will sails from Iceland towards Kangerlussuaq, and explore this area for a week. We will then sail to Tassilap Karra to have a look to this beautiful and unknown Fjord, before sailing back to Iceland where we will make landfall on approximately 15th August.
We sail in total autonomy for these two weeks, with no contact with civilisation.
This year we look forward to seeing some polar bears, as well as the mythical blue whale  (both very common in this area), and to improve our knowledge of the coast and its hidden wonders.

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