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East Greenland Expedition

The Green Land, as described by the Icelandic Vikings who reached the SW Coast around 1000 AC, is only fertile in this specific area.

The east coast, which we will explore, is mostly covered by ice, and the icecap and its glaciers reach the shore in between impressive and deep fjords.


The pack ice allows the ships to reach the shore for only few months per year, making this part of the country one of the most remote areas of the planet.

Prices : On request.

Duration : Roughly 10 to 15 days for each trip,
500 nm sailing distance.

Passage from Iceland to E Greenland is less than 200 Nm (less than 48 hours sailing).

We will leave Isafjordur in July and check if the drifting pack ice has cleared the way to the Blosseville coast, only 200 nm from Iceland.


If not, we will spend a few days exploring the Vestfirdir area, and the Hornstrandir Peninsula, under the clear arctic summer and its permanent daylight.

In August, the days will be shortened by some nighttime, but the pack and the fasten ice will have moved well away and it will be easier to sail into the fjords.

Then we will return to Iceland, leaving this iced and pure universe in its original condition.

We will live during these trips in complete autonomy, enjoying the fabulous landscapes and the drifting icebergs, surrounded by whales and seals.

We will use our dingies to reach the shore; the more experienced will take the kayaks to gently approach the animals. Then we sail towards another fjord, leaving the iced peaks of the coast behind us in a golden mirage.

This is a place of total wilderness; a kingdom of narwhals, polar bears, orcas and many other species of marine mammals, feeding in the rich waters before the long winter.


There are no harbours, no roads, no villages, and we will experience the intimate feeling of being "in the wild".

Gear : Having your own good quality equipment and clothes is an important point to enjoy the voyage.


We will be in total autonomy for the whole duration of the trip, as there are no harbours or towns on the Greenland coast. Careful planning and preparation for your trip is recommended ; we will be more than happy to help you with this.


For the Iceland / Greenland passage, we can provide some oilies if needed.

Modern mountain clothing is fine for fjord sailing, and also for trekking.

Life jackets and PLBs are provided for the duration of the trip.

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