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Passages through the North Atlantic Ocean

An oceanic experience of fast, exciting and comfortable sailing

Leaving from Isafjordur or Reykjavik towards Scotland during Spring, then Azores islands at Summer, we offer an opportunity to experience exciting oceanic sailing in one of the most notorious sailing area : the North Atlantic Ocean.


We expect long surfs and high speed sailing along several days of passages between Iceland and Scotland, Azores. You will be part of the crew,  participate to the manoeuvres, steering, and managing the boat, under the supervision of two professional and experienced skippers.


For this offshore passage, we will be a total of 6 sailors on board. Because the conditions can be hard, with big waves, cold and heavy weather, we recommend our guests to have a good experience of sailing.

In order to achieve a safe and quick passage, we will seize a good weather forecast for sailing ; the performances of GRYNING allow us to bypass the low pressure systems while sailing at her best our nice ocean racer along the 700+ Nm of the trips.

Duration : 1 to 3 weeks depending on the chosen sailing plan

Contribution : From 2,500 Euro per week per crewmember, all  included


Life Jacket and AIS/PLB are provided for the passage.

Wet weather Gears can be provided upon request and available sizes.

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