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Passage through North Atlantic Ocean

An oceanic experience of fast, exciting and comfortable sailing

Leaving from Isafjordur or Reykjavik towards Scotland during Spring, then Azores islands at Summer, we offer an opportunity to experience exciting oceanic sailing in one of the most notorious sailing area : the North Atlantic.


We expect long surfs and high speed sailing along several days of passages between Iceland and Scotland, Azores. You will be part of the crew,  participate to the manoeuvres, steering, and managing the boat, under the supervision of two professional and experienced skippers.


For this offshore passage, we will be a total of 8 sailors on board. Because the conditions can be hard, with big waves, cold and heavy weather, we recommend our guests to have a good experience of sailing.

In order to achieve a safe and quick passage, we will seize a good weather forecast for sailing ; the performances of GRYNING allow us to bypass the low pressure systems while sailing at her best our nice ocean racer along the 700+ Nm of the trips.

Duration : 1 to 3 weeks depending on the chosen sailing plan

Price : 1 500 Euro per week per crewmember, including kitty fees


Life Jacket and AIS/PLB are provided for the passage.

Wet weather Gears can be provided upon request.


You can also enjoy one more week of more relaxed cruise on board, after arrival


Weather permitting, we can help you to practice astro navigation, if you are already used to it.

North Atlantic Viking Loop - May and June 2022

Qualifying passage for YachtMaster Ocean included (Reykjavik - Oban) Total 2000 Nm Offshore in six passages in between Iceland, Scotland, Faeroes and back to Iceland.

This is oceanic sailing, the routes are ideal for fast and fun sailing. We support and practise all aspects of offshore sailing. 


Split into seven legs, each about one week duration as follows :

#1 : 3rd - 5th May - Isafjordur - Reykjavik : 230 nm - 24/48h sailing (calling in Patreksfjordur or Olafsvik)


#2 : 8th - 13th May - YM Ocean Qualifying passage Reykjavik - Oban : 750 nm - 4/5 days


#3 : haul-out maintenance in Oban

 for one week


#4 : 23rd - 28th May - Coastal cruise Oban - Kinlochbervie - Stromness (Orkney) : 300 nm - 6 days - 2 000 €

+ Option - Stay on board for the Orkney Folk Festival in Stromness 28,29,30 May


#5 : 31st May - 6th June - Offshore sailing Orkney - Shetland - Faeroes : 350 nm - 7 days


#6 : 8th - 12th June - Offshore trip Thorshavn - Klaksvik - Seyðisfjörður : 400 nm - 5 days


#7 : 13th - 17th june - Coastal trip in Iceland Seyðisfjörður - Siglufjörður - Isafjörður : 300 nm - 4 days


Prices are all inclusive (accommodation, food, fuel, satcoms and marina fees), except alcohol. 

With skipper and professional first mate.

For offshore legs, you ideally will have spent at least few nights at sea, and have experienced some strong or heavy weather conditions for a significant time.

For coastal legs even beginners will be fine.

Total crew will be 6-8 people for efficient and fast sailing and various training opportunities.

We will do celestial navigation training and practise. We will go into every aspect of managing a boat and a crew when offshore over a long duration.

We will do several foresail changes, reefing, and flying spinnakers. 


Preferably no heavy smokers ; and of course no alcohol at sea, and no drugs at all.... 


Female first mate is already hired, and we strongly encourage more female crew to join us!

Scotland to Azores  - August 2022

Departing Oban Aug 20th


Expecting to reach Horta NLT Sep 10th


Strait offshore 1200 Nm passage in between Scotland (60°N) and Azores (40°N), With skipper and professional first mate.

This is an oceanic sailing, the southbound route is ideal for fast and fun sailing. The passage is expected to take about 8 days, without stopping (except for emergency reasons).


Crew will be 6-8 people for efficient and fast sailing and various practice : 
- 3 watching teams / 3hours under supervision of the skipper/1st mate.

Applying crew members must have experienced nights at sea as well as some heavy /rough weather conditions.


Celestial navigation training and practice.


All aspects of managing boat and crew offshore on a long duration.


Foresails change and flying spinnakers are expected.


Price for the trip is per person per trip, all included (accommodation, food, fuel and marina fees).


Preferably no heavy smokers ; and of course no alcools and no drugs.

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