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from € 2,000 per person & per leg, including Kitty Fees

We will sail in the North Atlantic

to do Mile building and Yacht Master qualifying passages

in one to two weeks training sailing trips.


Pre season sea trials and new sails break in : Bay of Biscay, Last week of April

48 to 72 hours / 400 Nm offshore trip

The sailing season is made of 9 consecutive legs

 from one to two week duration as follows :

#1 Aviles - Terceira : 10 days- 1100 Nm (14 - 24 may)
Only one place available - female only
Take a leap of an Atlantic crossing with this oceanic trip, in between Asturias and the Azores. We sail long the coast to catch the Portuguese winds and then we round to the West into the magnificent swell of the high ocean.

#2 Terceira - Vigo (Spain) - 10 days - 1200 Nm (27 May - 06 June)

In this mostly downwind voyage we will do our best to keep a good pace, fly spinnakers, our brand new reacher sail and maybe break a record (at least we will do our best).


#3 W Europe - Scotland - 1 week- 500 Nm (10 - 20 June)

Along the western coast of Ireland, we will explore St Kilda islands, as well as the outer Hebrides.


#4 Hebrides - Orkneys Shetland - 2 weeks- 900 Nm (21/06 - 04/07)

Explore the Viking kingdom of the Isles, and enjoy the friendly welcoming of their inhabitants, in between refreshing and short legs.

#5 Reykjavik - Isafjordur - Siglufjordur - 2 weeks- 650 Nm (07 - 20 July)

Canceled due to unfavorable weather pattern

#6 Siglufjordur - Iceland North Coast - Bergen - 2 week- 900 Nm (03 -15 August)


Canceled due to unfavorable weather pattern

#7 Bergen - Shetlands - Orkneys - Wick - 10 days- 500 Nm (20 - 30 August)

Canceled due to unfavorable weather pattern

#8 Inner Hebrides (Oban) - Belfast - 10 days - Coastal (20 - 30 August)

While sailing through the inner Hebrides, and after a stop in Islay,

we will reach the Mull of Kintyre and finally Belfast.

#9 Belfast - St George channel - Avilès (Spain) - 12 days - 700 Nm (01 - 12 sept)

The last trip of the season is surrounded by Celtic lands.

It will end on the magnificent coast of Asturias

after crossing the infamous bay of Biscay.

The weather pattern in September has to be managed carefully.


Contributions are per trip/week per crew member. They includes accommodation, food, fuel,
satellites communications and marina fees, and of course a share for maintenance of the boat.

From 2000€ to 3500€ depending on which leg you choose.
For offshore legs, you ideally will have spent at least few nights at sea, and have experienced some strong or heavy weather conditions for a significant time.

For coastal legs even few experienced sailors will be fine. 

Total crew will be 4-6 people for efficient and fast sailing and various training opportunities.


We practise celestial navigation on the offshore long trips.

We go into every aspect of managing a boat and her crew when offshore over a long duration.

We go deep into sailing strategies.

We do many foresail changes, reefing, and fly spinnakers and gennaker, in order to sail the boat as well as we can.

We prefer not to embark heavy smokers, we do not drink any alcohol at sea, and there is obviously no drugs at all on board :)

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