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2019 Sailing explorations update

Our sailing in East Greenland in 2019 was amazing and really different from what we did in 2018. We left Iceland earlier than the year before, the pack ice had cleared much earlier than before, allowing us to sail straight towards Kangerlussuak area.

The weather has been good all along the duration of the trip, only the last week was a bit gloomy, with lots of rain the last day. It has been also very warm (up to 21°C end of July), and with no storm along the coast.

We sailed from Ísafjörðdur July 11th and were back in Flateyri August 26th, on the beginning of a NE Gale.

We have sailed along the coast in between Mikis Fjord and Ammassalik, for 7 weeks, exploring several unknown locations.

We have encountered several rare species, like Greenland shark, Narwhal, and we have had the joy to approach all kind of whales, and to be played with Orcas in two occasions.

The boat and all her equipments have worked fine, heating and electrical systems were in top conditions, keeping us warm and happy.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to conduct the oceanographic small works that I have planned, but we made several observations which can be of scientific interest.

Also, the movements of the ice and the fog has been a bit more complex, leading us to some tricky approaches and lots of navigation plans changes.

Last but not least, food has been nice all along the way, even if provisioning in Greenland has been a bit difficult ; we have had fresh bread made on board everyday by our apprentice bakers, with an improving quality.

Next year, on the same scheme, we will sail from mid-jury until end of August.


Entrance of the fjord, Hutchinson glacier at the back

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