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The OCEAN GLOBE RACE (OGR) is a fully crewed retro race in the spirit of the 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race to mark the 50th Anniversary of the original event.  It’s an eight-month adventure around the world for ordinary sailors on normal yachts :

Racing ocean-going GRP production yachts designed before 1988, there will be no computers, no satellites, no GPS, and no high-tech materials.

Sextants, team spirit and raw determination alone in the great traditions of ocean racing are allowed on this truly human endeavor. These will be real heroes pushing each other to the limit and beyond – in a real race!

Following the success of the 2018 Golden Globe Race, the concept of retro fully crewed, traditional ocean racing around the Globe has returned!

The sister ship of GRYNING competed in the 1985-1986 event of the Whitbread round the world race. With the name of "EQUITY & LAW", under a Dutch flag with a crew of 10 men, they finished the race in 9th position without any damage.

Our goal is to build a team to make GRYNING a serious competitor in this race, in the Adventure class :

  • Team of 8 ;

  • Sails and rigging compliant with the race's notice  ;

  • Sponsors ;

  • Communication team

Contact us if interested, or just curious about :

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