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Sailing South for the Winter

For this 2000Nm offshore trip, we will sail the North Atlantic from Reykjavik to the English Channel.

As for every offshore passage, final schedule and itinerary will depend on the weather forecasts.

The sailing plan is as follows :

Milebuilding and Boat Management

500€ per week
Kitty fees 20€/day

Aug 25th : Reyjavik / Vestmann Isl / Faeroes

Sep 1st : Faeroes / Shetlands

Sep 9th : Shetlands / Orkneys / Inverness

Sep 17th : Inverness / Caledonian Canal / Inner Hebrides

Sep 21st : Oban / Belfast / Dublin

Sep 29th : Dublin / Welsh coast / English Channel (Isle of Wight and/or French Coast)

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